Aresonnocingos – The Year Ahead

The past year has been a relatively quiet one on this blog. I hadn’t really had much energy to devote to it as so many other things required my attention. Some things still do, for certain. A couple of major projects for Bessus Nouiogalation are underway and perhaps I’ll then be able to stick to minor projects for awhile and possibly get back to my passion: myths. Something I have more or less put off for about two years.

The year before last, I went through all of the Îuoi (holidays) writing some reflections I had regarding their passing. This past year, I hadn’t had the energy to do what I’m doing this coming year. This year, I’m going to do reflections on all of the Îanoi (virtues). They’re something very near and dear to me as a Nouiogalatis, and perhaps something that folks don’t blog about very much so I’m hoping that they will provide interesting reads. After all, while I don’t advertise widely, I have a readership. Which I believe obliges me to at least attempt to provide something deserving of that readership.

That’s something I didn’t do so well this past year, if such a self-criticism can be excused. The good news is that I’ve been able to in a way recentre my perspective. While very little of it made its way into this blog, I was often feeling discontented. BNG became a sort of safe space to me, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but my people in it often heard of my discontent that I experienced elsewhere. Too often, perhaps.

As the years have worn on and I’ve been diving deeper and deeper into what we may call Galatibessus, I felt misunderstood by many. Perhaps there’s truth to that but by focusing so much on my discontent other areas of my life suffered. BNG suffered. In this past year, I’ve worked on unpacking, unraveling, and deconstructing those feelings as well as choosing my environments and interactions with more care. Such a process lends little time or energy for much else.

This coming year, I hope to show the fruits of those efforts. I hope to bring perspectives and thoughts that may be of value and of service to the budding Nouiogalatis. Or for those who are not, at least interesting articles that provide unique reflections and insights. A sort of window into my world, my life as a Nouiogalatis, and my values. Maybe I’ll say something of use, or at least provoke some thoughts.

It has been a challenging, but interesting year for me. I hope to show how I’ve grown to you all. And I hope the blessings of Carnonos and this coming Sonnocingos Nouios find you well.

Also, for those that may be puzzled as to why I speak of the coming and new year: this is because the calendar that we Nouiogalatîs use starts the year around this time. This is a special year as it will have 13 months. So the year will start on 1 Cuimonî (Quimonî). That is, 18:00 (6pm) on 8 May this year.

Regardless, I send you all the warmest of wishes this year. May we all see many more of these years to come.


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